“Thank you will never be enough – I am so grateful that you took me under your wing – no act of kindness is ever forgotten, you will be with me for a long time to come and a role model on how to be the most authentic women one can be.”


Georgia’s Approach to Clinical Counselling in Victoria, BC

Forty years of outcome research has not found that any one theory, model, method, or package of techniques is reliably better than any other – no meaningful difference exists between any two therapies.

This does not mean therapy is ineffective. In fact, the International Centre for Clinical Excellence suggests the average person who receives therapy is better off than 80% of those who do not.

Their findings also suggest that even a small amount of therapy can go a long way. It takes as little as two or three sessions for people to notice a real difference in their lives. The majority of personal change happens earlier rather than later in the therapeutic process.

It is the similarities rather than the differences between therapy models that account for most of the change that a person experiences through counselling therapy.

The process of therapy I use is based on empowering your existing strengths and then molding the helping relationship to fit your goals and expectations. Our therapeutic relationship should be oriented towards the future, not focused on the past.

You are actually the single most potent contributor to any outcome – your strengths and resources, your social supports and unique circumstances, your personal or cultural world-view and values.

I will bring a structured but flexible approach to working with you as a trusted coach and partner based on truly listening and validating your effort to change. I will take the time with you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes about the change you want to make as well as your ideas about how therapy might best work for you.

We will take the first step in tackling your challenge. Helping you select action oriented “home work” for between-session change will magnify our sessions. There is a strong link between achieving and maintaining change and your own effort. I will support and facilitate you investing your time, energy and strengths into a successful outcome.

Together we will form a strong therapeutic alliance based on empathy, respect, genuineness and appropriate humor; a partnership and collaboration which starts where you are now at this moment in your life.

You will be supported through the ‘yes but’ phase of your challenge. We will shape your goals and pathway forward, providing you with a variety of practical alternatives or methods you can use to achieve your goals.

Finally I will help you identify and anticipate the challenges ahead that might provoke regression or relapse.

Hypnotherapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

I will bring to this helping relationship a range of tools and approaches that have been shown to get results while at the same time tailoring them to you.   An additional tool/approach added in 2021 is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).  Rapid Transformational Therapy is a new innovative therapy which gets to the root cause of why we may feel entrenched in old patterns. It is a simple and powerful method that combines several very effective proven techniques to bring out the best in you, permanently. It comes with a personalized recording post-session to help you create new thoughts, habits, and behaviors for fast, effective, and long term change.